DIY Cornhole Boards – Build your own Cornhole set with scrap wood

Build your own Cornhole set. Have fun and SAVE MONEY.

The family wanted a cornhole set for the yard. When I went to price it at the store I was surprised to see flimsy particleboard selling for $80!!! That’s when I set out to build my own set. Sure enough, they weren’t that hard and I built them with scrap wood from other projects.

Official Cornhole Dimensions:

DIY Tool Restoration – How to get tools for FREE!

Do you ever wish you had more tools? Do you wonder how you could afford to fill your shop?

I used to think all my tools had to come from the store, but then I realized that people were practically giving away quality used tools that just needed a little love.

In this video, I take a set of pliers, some needle-nosed electrician’s plyers, and a set of side cutters and get them ready for regular use. These are tools that I got in a box of junk that someone wanted gone from their shop. For the cost of taking the box home and less than an hour of labor, I got three great tools that I can use for years.

Warren’s Tool Review

Our 5-year-old LOVES the YouTube Kids channel featuring Ryan and his toy reviews. One day in the shop he asked, “What if I did a review video like Ryan, but instead of toys I did TOOLS!” I thought that sounded like a great idea.

This is a review of Warren’s favorite tools including:

  • Brad Nailer
  • Hammer
  • Nail Puller
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Wire Brush (his “Un-Ruster”)
  • Sand Paper and Sanding Block
  • Vice Grips
  • File
  • Pruning Saw

We had a lot of fun making this video. We hope you enjoy too!