What Is Your Food Worth?

What Is Your Food Worth_
Photo Credit: Sean Hayse

One of the things we’ve put a lot of thought into since we started growing our own food is the value of what we produce. Honestly, it’s harder than you think. With market prices ranging from bargain bin chickens to the growing number of premium labels (I saw a pitch the other day for “Tree Range” chickens, as in chickens free ranged in trees), it’s difficult to determine if what we are doing has value beyond feeding ourselves. Olivia and I are of the belief that producing for just ourselves would be a waste of our experience and resources. We believe that the food we are producing is of greater nutritional value and is better for the environment, but it takes more time and planning than some conventional methods (even though it also uses far less infrastructure).


Farmhouse Inspired Kitchen Remodel


Hey guys! Olivia here. In this month’s episode of “How’s It Growing?” I am showing off our farmhouse inspired kitchen remodel! Big thanks to Heartland Home Improvements of Wichita for bringing our design dreams to life! Stay tuned to my Instagram for before and after photos! (@TheMamaMarketer)

The “Hard” Way 

The Hard Way Cover

“That sounds like a lot of work” is something that Olivia and I hear a lot. What we choose to do in our free time does not always sound leisurely to others. It’s easy to find alternatives that don’t take as much time or energy. These days you don’t have to chop wood for heat, grow your own food, teach your own children, or really do much of ANYTHING. To tell you the truth, it is a lot of hard work and most of it isn’t very glamorous. So, why go on like this?